IMMERSION Marisa Molin / Olivia Hickey / Peter Maarseveen (TAS)

IMMERSION is an exploration of Tasmania and its islands through jewellery by three Tasmanian Contemporary Artists. Each with their own technique, style and method of drawing inspiration. Last year, Peter Maarseveen undertook a remote Artist Residency to Maatsuyker island where he continues to create a multi-disciplinary response from his time there. Marisa Molin has spent several years developing an archive of textures from Tasmania and most recently has undertaken Artist Residencies to both Flinders Island and King Island, where her new series responds to Island shorelines. Olivia Hickey combines her vast experience in wilderness exploration and a background in Outdoor and Environmental education that she merges into her artistic vision of land. Together, their work is a cross section of the many facets of Tasmania and its islands expressed through jewellery.


Artist Statement: Marisa Molin (TAS)

I map the coastline of islands by collecting textures and fragments found from the shoreline. I take these fragments and their secret narratives into my studio and translate them into wearable objects. By doing so, I aim to create a visual dialogue about an island, as each island is unique. These works are from the Fragments of King series, which is an outcome of the Currie Harbour Cultural Centre  Artist Residency on King Island (2015)*.

The symbiotic relationship I observe between the fragment and its environment is mirrored in my work via the relationship between jewellery and its wearer. My designs become a part of the wearer, each piece of jewellery intimately following the curves of the wearer's body, and at once, sprouting from the body and assuming its own form. In itself, this is a deliberate act; embodying the logic of the ecosystem, whilst reflecting on our relationship as humans, to the wilderness.


*Fragments of King was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.


Artist statement: Peter Maarseveen (TAS)

Standing on a tiny satellite island 15 kilometers off the southern most point of Tasmania, I take in the hazy view of land and ocean.  Only three other people, a lighthouse and around 800,000 shearwater (muttonbirds) occupy this place with me. Everyday I look back to the Southwest mountain ranges knowing I will not return for three months. The view is never the same. The only ones who can leave this island are the shearwaters. Every morning they noisily clamour over each other to try and take off before the first morning ray of light touch them. At dusk, they come crashing back through the trees, diving head first into the ground then quickly scurrying off into their burrows. Did they touch the land of other islands? Did they bring remnants back to this isolated wilderness?


Artist Statement: Olivia Hickey (TAS)

I am an explorer of the outdoors with a deep and long held connection to wild places. I am often drawn to the hidden details within the land and find myself captivated by the complexity and beauty in the small.  I collect natural treasures mindfully, transmute them into silver, and return them to place; This process ensures they are still part of the landscape and highlights the magic in the hidden details. I strive to capture the intangible moments and create talismans that connect people to the ephemeral elements of place so they can be placed on the landscape of the body.