...and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands

The inspiration for this 8.2 metre high sculpture was an amalgamation of the Moreton Bay fig trees found in Aubigny Place, the pregnant form, and the sisters of mercy - all of which are the essence of Mater Mothers' hospital.

I instigated the concept with numerous copper tree forms with an intention to create an inviting and enchanting atmosphere to the courtyard for residents and visitors to the maternity ward. From a distance, visitors will see a tree of positive energy, representing life with the branches and illuminated buds reaching towards the natural light. On closer inspection however, i aimed for a deeper interaction with the sculpture for the women that share its location. The curves of the sculpture subtly reference a full term pregnant figure. The lines imply a sensual, maternal quality while the surface textures, created from Moreton bay fig tree bark, leaves and roots, are intimate and alluring through their tactile nature.

This is my first public art commission and has been an enjoyable journey developing my ideas and working through the fabrication processes. I would like to humbly acknowledge and thank the wonderful team at Urban Art projects for their dedication, hard work and support for this project.